It is not unexpected that interest in outdoor events increases in the summer months. The promise of outdoor events, for example, picnics, celebrations, and games, can bring a smile to anybody’s face.

They appeal to our senses and sentiments of nostalgia, from food barbecuing smells to the delicate grass and cold-water lapping against our toes.

Furthermore, there are a lot of health advantages from time spent outside, as it increases our energy and improves our immune system, increases our creativity, and raises our mood and focus. Being an event planner or conference manager you can understand the importance of an outdoor event. 

Also, outdoor events have a chance to address security concerns, for example, crowd density, cleanliness, and hygiene, while bringing good times! So today we’ll share some new innovative outdoor event ideas to motivate your event organizing skills.

Find the Treasure Chest

Mutual goals can truly loosen a group up. Divide participants into little groups, and send them on a hunt for Easter eggs or anything like that. Hide one egg or treasure for each team, and let each gathering know their color. The first group to discover their egg wins (however everybody wins!). And they can offer hints to different teams who’s eggs they find if they’d like. 

Considerations: Encourage participants to sanitize their hands and use masks. Each treasure basket must be cleaned down after use. Just put wrapped candies inside the bucket.

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Races get everybody in the mood for a little competition, and you can make an incredible obstacle course just from what you have lying around. 

Use your swing set, trampoline, old tires, and ropes to make a heavenly obstacle course. 

Split your crowd into two groups and see which group gets through it the fastest.

Decorate in a Pinch

Actually, you truly just need one party decoration (clue: it is a pinata). It is colorful! It is interactive! It is wise to pass out the broom before everybody has had three margaritas! Purchase a big piñata that fits the mood of the holiday.

Fill it with things all in one color. Monochromatic always looks stylish. Purchase things individuals can wear, similar to sunglasses and accessories. It will make fun photos. 

Host the Trading Card Icebreaker

This game urges participants to share a short story about themselves. Simply give index cards and markers and ask your participants to write down one thing different participants would not think about them, along with their name. 

Gather all the cards and then spread them out into various zones. Urge every participant to check the regions for a card they find fascinating. Have every visitor read off their card, so they can connect with the individual whose reality it is. 

This game can also be digitized by using any Event planning application having a game section, where participants can sign up and write about themselves and then send it to every participant by shuffling it. 

Make a simple Photo booth and keep it lively with Music

Send your participants home with a memory that they will always remember. Photo Booths are always a hit and an incredible way to promote your event.

To guarantee participants are remaining safe, just set up an intriguing backdrop in an open space, and have a photographer standing 6 feet apart from participants in the photo booth. Set up speakers close by with your most loved Spotify playlist to keep it lively.

Picnic Basket Relay

A few groups compete to see who can set up a picnic first, that include following things:

  • Set out the blanket
  • Set up the silverware
  • Set up the plates, and so forth

When one player completes setting it up, they rush to get everything back in the basket and then give it to the following player.

Entertain the Kids

So, the adults can kick back with the sangria, have a few diversions for the children: a lot of blowing bubbles, maybe a sprinkler or a Slip ‘n Slide, and beach balls. You can also purchase a couple of inexpensive disposable cameras and let kids serve as legitimate event photographers.

Host an Outdoor Concert

When it comes to the outdoor event! Attendees enjoy an outside show with free food and drinks, with a performance by the most famous singers or actors. An outdoor concert furnishes participants with amusement, food, beverages, swag, and special guests, which promises an effective event.

Setup Speakers with easy Diagramming

Since you have guaranteed you are prepared with the best equipment; you should affirm the installation is finished.

Use any event planning software with a section that can help you in layouts like what is the best position for your speakers around your space so everybody can hear. Your principal equipment ought to be someplace safe and secure. Spot speakers surrounding the main zones, keeping the sound all pointed one way.

Host a company field day

Many companies celebrate their field day with a night of grill, beverages, and competitions. This kind of event promotes an unlimited amount of bonding between the groups and the games that unite them. The games include:

  • An egg toss
  • Three-legged race
  • Whiffle boss toss game
  • A corn hole competition that goes through the whole day

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