Event planning and management software provides solution to many problems of event organizers. The top problem for planners is to consider budget and revenue so they are always looking for best event planning apps to cater this issue. If you are a planner, fortunately, Zongo provides solution to help you succeed in this search. If you think that buying event management Application will not justify its expense then rethink because by decreasing cost of investment in various ways, Zongo can provide you best ROI.

Zongo provides you with two built packages and one customized pricing solution based on the number of attendees and functionality required,

  • Meetup Solution
  • Conference Solution
  • Custom Event

Where, it costs Rs. 60 per attendee for Meetup Solution and Rs. 48 per attendee for Conference Solution with all required functionalities including digital Invitations, registration, access to mobile apps, adding event details, activities, and push notifications, guests check in and live QA. Also, it offers 80% off to educational institutes for their events. Here are some of the ways by which you can decrease expenses from your event budget employing zongo.

One App For All

Using different tools and apps for your event planning is not wise as your data will be in different silos and nothing will remain consistent with each other. These several costly tools will add up and effect your event budget. Also, these tools will cost you in terms of wasted time you will need to put everything together. So, you need to eliminate these apps and utilize zongo, the best event organizer app where you will find the solution of everything, to manage your event form start to end.

Go Green

Printed material is the highest expense in most of the events. Preparing and distributing registration forms, guest’s lists, invitations, mails, banners, advertisements, tickets, program agenda and shared material are some of the essentials and the cost of printing these materials adds up. A great way to cut on this expense is using the services of zongo. Printing is expensive so you can limit this to the material absolutely essential to your event.


With zongo, you can save your mailing expenses. Instead of sending mails to your team, guests and attendees for invitations and registrations, you can use functionalities of this event planning software and reduce your budget. Follow up feedback would also be online to save your mailing cost.

Examine Event Analytics

Zongo provides you with detailed event specifics that will help you in figuring out what went right and what went wrong. With using your event data, you can analyse what was successful and what was unnecessary; this will help you in the long run to decide which areas of your budget you can cut, which points need more attention and what was the presence ratio in different areas of your event. Not only your next event would be more audience specific but also your expenses will be in the right direction. You will get an impression what details are worth spending your money and what could be avoided.

Marketing and Remarketing

Long term promotion is very critical to the success of your event. You can market your event to people by sending emails to notify about your event. This would also help to aggregate social media mentions and online community.  In this way you would be able to engage more and more potential attendees and they would start talking about your event. With effective promotion and number of participants attending you event, you can get an idea of your marketing success. Also with compiled post event analytics, you would be able to zo.

As an event planner, the most important task is to plan a healthy budget that includes cutting costs and making efficient expenses. Almost all planners go by making small cuts in their budget that will eventually add up to make a huge difference but this article explains another way to look at your budget problem. Analysing the big picture, you realize how investing in an event planning app can be the key to reduce your budget by covering a lot of your event expenses at one platform.

No doubt, your event budget always adapts and changes with time. Making investment in zongo will favour your organization at the time of your event and also in the long run with regard to event planning budget and participant’s satisfaction.

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