As an event organizer, first planning and then execution of your event took a considerable amount of time, effort and money. But do not think that your work is over, it’s time to evaluate your event’s success and get feedback from your attendees so your next events would be even more successful. You have invested in your event so you want great results and post event surveys will help you deliver those results. Surveys and questionnaires are one of the best tactics that support you in achieving marketing goals. If you have utilized a good event management application, that would help in this final step too.

Event professionals and organizers use event survey questions in order to examine success rate of an event. These surveys reveal what gained attention of attendees, and what needs to be changed. You get direct feedback from your guests that provides clarity with regard to the effectiveness of your event. This, in turn, helps in improving next event and overall marketing strategy.

Keep survey short

Event surveys should not be long, people start quitting survey if it gets too long. Keeping survey brief is the key to maintain user’s attention. Also, mentioning the approx. time it will take to complete survey sets the user’s expectations. Short event surveys have the best response rates, and it is a best practice to include not more than 12 questions.

Structure of Survey Questions

You can ask event survey questions in various forms that include open ended questions, rating or scaling questions and multiple choice questions.

  • Open ended questions: In such questions, respondents have full freedom to speak up their mind. Just like regular conversation, they can speak anything. But these questions must be limited.
  • Rating questions: User has the option to rate or scale the extent to which he agrees with a given statement. Labelling which end of scale means good and which end means bad is really important.
  • Multiple choice questions: In these questions, user chooses the option best fitting from multiple given options.

Compiling Survey Questions

Compilation of survey is another key point. While designing a survey, try to keep it focused on one subject. You need to ask response on things that you can change, thus, including unnecessary questions is a waste of time. Know your purpose before designing a survey so you effort does no go waste and you would get an idea how people enjoyed the experience of attending your event.

Distributing an event survey

Distributing your event survey is as crucial as the content and design. There exists several was to distribute event surveys:

  • Sharing the survey URL: You can send the unique link of your survey by sharing it through email or sms.
  • Sharing via social media: Survey sharing through social media has greater visibility, so it is upto you because everyone who can see the post can respond.
  • Event Organizer App: You can receive attendee’s feedback via your event planning app where users can give response to each activity.
  • Embedded Survey: You can embed your event survey on a webpage or in HTML email.
  • Pop up Survey: Pop up surveys gain attention when an attendee visit your event page.
  • Sharing Hard copies: The method of sharing questionnaires is long gone and not practised anymore.

The Responses

The structure of response is equally important as the structure of question. Add all possible responses to your questions including adding a not applicable option for the guest if he does not feel obliged answering a specific question or if the situation does not apply to him. Adding an optional open field at the end of your survey will allow user to add any further response.

Who you should get feedback from?

Your attendees is not the only group to ask survey questions. Including them, there are other groups too from whom you can seek feedback about your event. For instance, your sponsors are very crucial for your event success. So, it is realizable that you need their input too. You definitely need to know if there is something they didn’t like as you want them to sponsor you again. Also, valuing their response will make your relationship stronger.

If you have volunteers at your event then they are a good source of information too. They can provide feedback to improve processes in your next event also, they have an idea of satisfaction level of your guests.

Event Survey Results

What would be the purpose of your survey if you do not analyse the results and learn from attendee’s feedback. Look at open ended questions and extract common responses from them. Also, quantify scaling and multiple choice questions to get big picture. Track and analyse your survey results and create a plan accordingly. A good Event Planning App such as Zongo can also provide details analytics of your event.

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