2019 is already started and it is a great year for event planners and executors as many long talked event planning tools and trends are in our reach. Technology has more capability now to help people to connect and share experiences and it is becoming more customized towards user’s needs. Integrated services are trending and event planners are utilizing Event Management Applications for enhancing attendees’ experience.


Delivering memorable experience to attendees helps in a long run for your brand promotion. Creativity and innovation are the key factors to engage users and enhance their event experience. Your guests and sponsors want change and highly engaging environment. Try incorporating uniqueness from the very start i.e., from the plan of the event by changing presentation style and venue so you do not waste time and money on events that fail to deliver.

Use of modern techniques such as 3D projections and varying lights catches the attention of audience. Creative stage design and adding lightning effects according to the theme of event depict the goal and meaning in a powerful way.

Guest Management with Facial Recognition

Using facial recognition is not new and it is something that people are already using in their daily life. Facial recognition can increase guest management efficiency in various ways.

  • Participants check in and registration takes lesser time.
  • Check in using this technology is more secure and helps in spotting people on security lists.
  • Facial emotions data can be used to enhance guests’ experience by shaping event accordingly.
  • Tagging people in event photos using facial recognition to increase social media reach after event.


This year,due to increased awareness of decreasing resources, sustainable thinking is on agenda for event organizers.It is very much on point to think of sustainable resources to utilize in a sustainable way for execution of events.Brands and organizations are becoming more aware so event organizers are more focused on ethical and environmental practices.Various techniques can be employed in this regard that will cut your budget and present a positive impact on your environment.Using Event Organizer App is one of them to reduce your paper and printing costs.Opting recycling practices and planning according to the number of attendees can minimize waste material.

Enhancing Security and Cybersecurity

An important task today, for event organizers is to provide safe environment for attendees. Inappropriate actions can arise when attendees, sponsors, speakers and volunteers belonging to different backgrounds gather at one place. Proper security plans should exist in place before and during event to avoid any mishap. The management plan should include code of conduct that must be shared with audience before event.

Events are a target for malicious entities because they handle huge amount of personal data. Cyber threats to data are compromising to personal details of participants so digital security should also be ensured by event organizers.Poor selection of technology or lack of risk management for security breaches direct the damage to even organizers.

Content Design

If you want someone to invest their money and time in your event,you need to show how they are benefiting from your program.  Designing content that is purposeful,educating, entertaining, and informing and has a goal should be the key point.Giving your event a purpose is what drives people and give better results.Including brain breaks to relax and process is also necessary as attending discussions and meeting people can be burdensome.Also, no one wants to sit back just listening to speakers,so design activities that maximize engagement and learning.That’s the reason behind workshops becoming more trending than conferences.

Improving Attendee Experience Through Tech

In 2019, use of technology is easy more than ever. One instance is Event Planning App that manages all your data on one platform, allows inviting and registering users online, posting notifications, conducting surveys and much more.These apps such as Zongo are one-for-all kind as you can achieve different functionalities within one app.Use of powered seating is a rising trend as all users carry devices that need power to charge up.Minimalist sets and furniture such as low sofas and bean bags is also a current practice so adding power to them would increase comfort level of your audience.


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