Keeping in mind the current pandemic situation, it is expected that Virtual gatherings (event/meeting) will grow strongly in 2021. But with a guaranteed easing of the pandemic crisis looming, the business network can start resuming physical presence with regards to events. 

Internal meetings of companies and routine client gatherings, online courses, education, and corporate meeting management programs, etc. are among those events that tend to continue to take place in a virtual environment. But what about meetings, summits, conventions, and other long-form physical commercial events? 

While numerous associations took the jump toward online or virtual versions in 2020 when the in-person event industry resumes face-to-face events, we hope to see the reoccurrence of some long-form in-person events — possibly with lesser crowds, social distancing and participants now used to the flexibility of attending meetings online. 

Hybrid events, which combine an in-person event with an online element, are an incredible alternative — a method of having your event, and streaming it as well! 

There have been some challenges in the past to hybrid occasions, due to which hybrid meetings are facing failures. In fact, there are some myths we’ve experienced that may prevent individuals from holding hybrid events, 5 of them are listed below. 

You won’t be able to provide a personal touch to virtual attendees

There are many session/meeting formats that can help encourage virtual participant interaction. 

One choice is to have virtual roundtable conversations that let participants interact and network with each other. You can also have live Q&A meetings that permit participation from both virtual and live participants. 

Another simple yet incredible approach to give an individual touch is by delivering a video displaying your event staff and all that goes into making a hybrid event. feature various employees and address the virtual participants directly. Send the message that you wish they could be physical and you want to see them soon.

It’s not engaging enough

It’s very exhausting and boring. Nobody will watch my speakers giving their presentations on the web.

As a matter of fact, with a little forethought, you can create a hybrid event that is similarly as engaging for your virtual delegates as it’s for the live crowd. 

Most virtual event platforms offer interesting and interactive features that not just empower your online participants to participate live. But they also give you engagement data that you can use to educate your hybrid event meeting and improve future events/meetings.

The virtual extension of your events will upset your in-person attendance 

The event industry has arrived at a point where the virtual experience is viewed as a practical alternative for anybody running a meeting/conference. But offering your event virtually isn’t a substitution for the live component. 

As a rule, participants are inspired to go to the physical event after going to it virtually. A huge part of the virtual crowd usually comprises of participants who have never gone to your event. Therefore, your virtual event speaks to an incredible advertising opportunity for attracting new participants and new guests. 

Event planners or conference managers need to remember that having your event accessible virtually empowers you to attract participants from around the world. You won’t be restricted to the size of a physical room, which would have a cap on the number of live participants it can accommodate. Besides, a hybrid event would permit you to refocus on the crowd and your targets. 

It’s very risky and adds too much complexity

It’s very risky. Consider the possibility that agents pay to attend online but can’t sign up. How can you support them?” 

In case you’re used to running in-person events. Where you’re busiest on the day of the event itself, anxiously managing everything from speakers to catering. It may appear to be very risky and a step too far to film part of the event and offer it online over the web. 

Yet, except if you already have videographers and technical help on staff. The way to limiting risk with regards to hybrid events is to utilize a managed virtual event provider that has experience in filming and live-streaming online events.

With regards to the virtual segment of your hybrid event, a large portion of the preparation work will happen ahead of time, leaving you to focus on your physical event and your virtual event provider to deal with the virtual side of things.

Meaningful engagement is limited to a virtual event.

There are numerous inventive approaches to drive engagement with a virtual crowd, from customary Q&A, chat, and networking opportunities to badging and gamification. Significantly more energizing is that the touchpoints throughout the virtual event experience can be captured to really see how engaged the crowd was. The ability to understand what content participants were interested in, rather than just knowing whether they joined the event. It is incredibly significant information that can inform future marketing methodologies. 

Polls/Surveys are also an extraordinary method to keep crowds engaged during presentation meetings and permit speakers to pivot their content to address inquiries in real-time.

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