Let’s be honest… 

We all love video. More than 8 billion videos or almost 100 million hours of videos are viewed on Facebook daily. So, with regards to your next happening event, you should capture the best minutes on film. But don’t simply record the event. 

Regardless of whether it is a small training video or a huge show with keynote speakers – there are strategies to make your video fulfilling and standing out. 

Event videos are an extraordinary method to make video content to showcase an organization’s culture and share it with a bigger crowd. Being an event or conference manager, it is your responsibility that the video capture of your event is successful. To help you in this regard, here are 5 tips that are useful in the successful video capture of your event.

Know Your Gear

This is significant and often neglected. It does not mean to figure out how to turn your camera on and off and focus on your subject. Ideally, you know how to do those things, it means truly master all that you can about your gear. 

In case you’re shooting tapeless, do you get a blip in your video when your camera software automatically separates your video record at 4GB to adjust to your FAT32 memory card? Do you know how to change the sound channel? And fend off interference with your remote microphones in a climate full of wireless signals? Do you know how to change the settings on your camera for various mouthpieces? Or how to set the camera to output to a screen through HDMI or SDI appropriately? 

Variables that often only show themselves in event conditions are definitely worth getting ready for. Make test scenarios at your home or office. Try to leave your camera recording all day and then review the recording for issues. Test your sound in various locations, and play with the video output settings and see what works best with your equipment.

Prep Your Sound

Debatably the hardest part of live event recording is ensuring that your sound quality keeps awake to snuff. It’s possible that you won’t have the chance to use customary mics while moving around a venue. This implies that you may have to either use smaller mics for every individual camera. However, even then be careful. Because your audio sounds great on the venue speakers doesn’t imply that it’s filming well. 

Keep Your Video Short

Event videos can be utilized as symbolic memorabilia. The length of the video is significant. A 60 – 90 second occasion video is ideal. Any longer and it can be viewed as more self-serving. 

Shorter recordings are more captivating than longer recordings. When making your event recap, you should think about conveying your most significant message/data toward the start.

Use templates for your event video:

Let’s be honest, as an event manager, you don’t have a lot of time to spend on a video. But with pre-set video designing layouts, you can add an expert touch to your event recordings with only one click. There are a couple of online video designing tools that come with event management applications. These tools let you redo these formats to make them brand compliant. These layouts also assist you with saving time in making tasteful videos for your event.

Get ready before the big day

Preparation is key prior to capturing your live event. Prior to the big day, ensure your equipment is working appropriately. If you are utilizing a professional camera, ensure it is well adjusted to the various scenes you want to shoot. 

The same goes for the equipment that is used for recording the sound. Ensure they are compatible with your cameras. At last, consider the battery, it would be a shame to have just the opening speech on video since you didn’t have enough power.

If it is a video that will be broadcasted live, it is significant to consider technical details. For example, camera areas, light, or background sound. These sorts of details can easily be fixed if you can reshoot a few takes. But for a live-transmission, you just get one shot. So, don’t leave things to chance and save time to check these details prior to shooting. 

At last, think about the style of your video. Do you want your video to be organized and professional? Or on the other hand, do you prefer a more relaxed video with focus changes and more powerful shots? It is significant to decide these points ahead of time to save time on the day of filming.

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