The event planning industry has been developing steadily for the past few years, and it is anticipated to grow even further. With new business openings, you can also anticipate an expansion in competition. Along these lines, it is always essential to remain on top of your game and adjust to the changing environment to benefit as much as possible from new chances and remain pertinent in the marketplace.

A few top trends and technologies that are practiced by many conference managers and event planners are discussed here. Keep reading to find out some upcoming trends and innovations in the event planning industry.

Shareable Content

Digital advertising and social media networking campaigns need to shape a consistent part of your event. Most significantly, they must be something your visitors can engage with, either by sharing content or adding to it. Make your event marketing stand out in this year by harnessing the power of social media networks, especially Instagram and Snapchat. If it is appropriate, ensure your event has a lot of ‘photograph-worthy’ moments that your visitors will want to capture and share.

New Marketing Strategies

People are discussing Drip Marketing this year. Drip Marketing includes gradually introducing new content, connections, and data to ease your visitors into the event. It is tied in with getting people invested in your occasion, as opposed to immediately shoving a call to action at them. This can be joined with different procedures, for example, a focused social media networking campaign, or incorporating more innovation to your marketing, maybe by using a platform that enables you to distribute custom-fitted emails to your participants depending on their inclinations.

Technology Trends

Embrace Technology

If it is not clear by now, welcoming technology is pivotal to growing your occasion and your business. Almost 90 percent of event organizers aim to use a mobile application at their event. This is reverberating since participant’s use of mobile event planning apps is up from 85 to 94 percent from the past few years. Mobile apps can be used for everything from streamlining guest check-in, to giving data during an event and requesting feedback afterward.

Virtual Meetings and Webinars

Comparatively low-cost for both event organizers and event participants, virtual meeting spaces are one of the quickest developing segments of scheduled meetings. Participants can take advantage of experience from the solace of their home or office, and organizers can reach a broader group of spectators who generally couldn’t attend. 

Personalize the Moment. 

Regardless of whether it is petitioning demands for things participants might want to see at an event or providing customized conference smartphone applications with local cafés and attractions, offering a personalized experience will keep visitors coming back for more.

New technology and Stricter Security Procedures

With the recent events this year, there will be a stricter security strategy set up and new event innovation will influence in making events more secure. Besides drones, there’s also the capability of using a facial recognition system as a safety measure. You would already be able to find it in computers and cell phones, but it could also be utilized to welcome visitors to your events and improve the check-in procedure.

Facial recognition is still in a development state; however, it merits watching this trend closely. It might soon be a common tool used to ensure the right individuals are offered access to the right place. Other potential technological options are heat mapping and automated people counters.

‘Freemium’: The Phrase of the Future

To finish up, there is just a single trend that we should concentrate on moving forward. And that is ‘Freemium’ – giving fundamental value for free, to have the option to charge for greater value. Free is the language of the web, and everybody understands the value of their loyalty, and what they can demand as an end-result of it. But the demands are simple. 

Different trends in this space incorporate offering supportable, fair-trade food choices. Give anything extra or unused — food, flowers, refreshments — to community associations like homeless asylums or senior living facilities. 

The emotional connection, the feeling of unity, network and demonstration of ethical values previously just found in any semblance of religion, is the currency of the future. Also, there is no other or better approach to accomplish that, than with an event. 

The eventual fate of events is events turning into the most significant facet of advertising. And it is a pretty good thing too about events.

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