If you want to acquire an in-person event on the web and develop your business, then the virtual event is one the best method for you. Considering the coronavirus pandemic, conference managers are moving towards digital conferences and meetings.

If you want to acquire an in-person event on the web and develop your business, then the virtual event is one the best method for you. Considering the coronavirus pandemic, conference managers are moving towards digital conferences and meetings.

A few organizations have already progressed their onsite events on the web. Microsoft changed over its Build Developer Conference into a virtual occasion. Google changed its three-day Google Cloud Next 2020 conference into an advanced encounter. Also, Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference moved its content on the web utilizing live streams and webinars. 

In case you’re thinking to move your occasion on the web, it can feel overpowering. What precisely is a virtual occasion, and what amount of significant worth would it be able to give? How might you move an in-person experience on the web, and what instruments do you have to get it going? 

In this article, there is a complete guide on virtual events, how you can start it and which tools will be helpful to get you up and running really fast.

Platform and Visuals

The initial step is to pick a virtual platform that best suits your requirements. There are a few stages to browse that all have distinctive functionality and it can be overpowering! The large factors to consider while figuring out what platform will work are: 

Video feeds

What is the virtual crowd taking a gander at on their screen? Other than the slide deck, consider what other video feeds are required for the presentation (for example, a live feed of the presenter).

Some conference managers or event organizers do an audio-only presentation with the slides, it can help them to save cash as they do not need any camera to film the presenter.

The best solutions have various cameras for the presenter(s) and if applicable, a camera recording the local crowd so the virtual participants feel like they’re a part of the live conference. 


There are many approaches to help remote participants to feel like they’re a piece of the live gathering. The most minimal cost choice is utilizing the in-built functionality of the platform you’ve picked (or are thinking about). This can incorporate a Q&A session, surveying, and integration of social networks.


Depending on your event registration needs, you may require a platform that can incorporate with your internal system. You could also utilize an external solution to manage your event registrations, send out sign-in data, meeting updates, and some other communication pre-event and post-event.

Use Live Streams To Engage Your Virtual Audience

To reproduce fireside chats, board/panel discussion, live Q&A, or hands-on meetings on the web, use a live-streaming instrument to guarantee inquiries from your crowd are addressed in real-time. 

You can utilize an online chat to direct crowd inquiries before permitting them into the discussion. One of the best ways to answer the questions or clear the ambiguities of your crowd is to offer them a social hour.

In this hour, allow your audience to join you freely and ask whatever they want or you can ask for your audience’s suggestion for your virtual event.

Individuals love live social hours so much. They feel truly connected with you and your organization. Following are some live-streaming tools, that you can use for your live-streaming:


It is a Reliable online meeting software. They have a lot of free and paid choices. 


It is a free, open-source video conferencing instrument. 


It engages your Facebook or YouTube, Live crowd with branded meetings and online chats. 

Ecamm Live

It is a Branded broadcast studio to go live on all social networking platforms. 


It is an extraordinary platform to go live on with a huge amount of reach. 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter live

You can go live individually on your social networking platform. 

Internet Requirements

Guaranteeing each webpage has an internet connection that can support the event is commonly the greatest area of concern for conference managers or event organizers. By playing out a website inspection at every area (both host and receiving) to guarantee web speeds are adequate, issues can be identified forthright before a venue is reserved. 

Provide a Hosted Virtual Event Experience

Investing your time and energy into making a memorable online experience for your participants can do wonders for their commitment and engagement. Here are a few hints for acquiring an in-person feel to your virtual occasion. 

Film an Invite Video 

Plan to deliver a welcome/ invite video that presents the event and mentions to your participants what’s in store. This can truly help set the pace for your virtual occasion and cause your crowd to feel connected. You can pre-record this, or jump on a Livestream to present the event in real-time. 

Check-in With Participants Between Sessions

You can also have an online session with your participants for the Q/A session or some learning purposes. This helps you to get more audience on your actual virtual event as participants feel connected with you with these sessions.

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