Virtual events are very much like numerous different sorts of meetings; just they happen over the internet. This technology permits guests and organizations to team up, share data, associate with others, and get some answers concerning new projects.

If you are planning to set up a training session, hold a press conference, lead a business meeting, or host a web-based learning session, a virtual event platform or any event planning app can assist you with collaborating with your crowd. 

Similarly, as with all interactive technology, virtual events permit you to hold gatherings with an engaged crowd to discover achievement and accomplish your objectives. The absolute best technology would be challenging to choose, as many different features to various purchasers. 

Here are some of the best virtual event planning software platforms to go for your next online event:

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams (officially Skype for Business Online) permits event coordinators to effortlessly work together remotely. Features like group talk/chat, one-to-one messaging, video conferencing, sharing and altering Word, PowerPoint, and Excel all help to quicken collaboration and spark innovativeness. 

Microsoft Teams is an extraordinary collaboration tool for event planners working remotely or those that are assembling an internal meeting with various business groups.


One of the top platforms is GoToWebinar. They make it easy to launch and work with audio and video gatherings/meetings. It permits clients to send automated messages, share recordings and documents, and offer live chat to the members of the meeting. 

The product permits members to ask live inquiries, participate in conversations, and complete overviews or surveys that are presented during the gathering/meeting. 

GoToWebinar additionally has an element that permits individuals to join the conference automatically. With the advanced plan, clients can make browser-based broadcast meetings that do not require software installations.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the most recognizable videos and meeting devices accessible, making it simple for both event organizers/conference managers/speakers, and participants to use for connecting virtually. Google Hangouts offers direct messaging, group chats, video, and emoticon uses. It’s an extraordinary apparatus for collaboration and a decent choice for little, internal virtualized occasions.


Zoom helps to organize Live virtual events and broadcasting. It helps to expand the range by providing reliable and scalable online meetings/events solutions. You can host online occasions with up to 100 interactive video members.

It also offers to organize a virtual event with 100 to 10,000 view-only participants. It allows you to customize your email and brand messages, emails, and registration forms. It comes with flexible registration management and various integration choices for your CRM systems.

Zoom provides simple and instinctive host controls for presenters and intuitive abilities for participants from computers, workstations, laptops, cell phones, and conference rooms. Up to 100 live video panelists can share their webcam and communicate with the crowd.

You can also extend your contact with on-request or repeating webinars with recording and auto-produced transcripts. 

Adobe Connect

While considering a platform full of features, Adobe Connect is the option to pick. Adobe has a stage for virtual occasions that incorporate fantastic features like webcam capacities, video sharing, along with a simple method to make materials for virtual courses. This is a product suite geared towards clients with a wide range of modular features and downloadable documents. 

The call quality is superb, and it is anything but difficult to hear the speaker. Screen sharing and recording webinars are easy to explore. It takes this software a little longer to begin working, however that seems to be the only disadvantage, however it is acceptable. It also completely coordinates with all of the other Adobe items for added ingenuity.

These are the few tools that you can use if you are planning to host an online event, conference, or even any business meeting. These tools help the business owners to continue their work and make it easy to co-ordinate with their employees as well as clients during this pandemic situation.

These tools are also helpful if you want to deliver an informative session to your audience. You can also invite special guests to your virtual event using these tools just as you used to invite them to your real events.

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