Are you new to event organizing, and need a little help? 

Or are you hoping to find a simple procedure for your group to follow while arranging an event? 

There are many Event organizer apps available in the market but to make best use of these helping hands you should know about your basic checklist for event planning and to help you with that: coming up next is a generic Event Checklist that will assist you get started in recognizing all of the details you’ll have to consider just as a sign of the timetables involved in your event organizing process. 

Three-to-Six Months Before the Event

Since you have the essential puzzle pieces in place, it’s a great opportunity to continue communicating with event accomplices, speakers, and sponsors. The other significant steps incorporate develop your event website (so visitors can register) and starting to promote your occasion. 

The timetable to start this procedure will be influenced by the size of your event. A large gathering that runs for several days will have a greater expense for participants. This implies you should start promoting your event months in advance. If your event is a single-speaker session, you won’t require as a lot of lead time on your occasion marketing.

The steps to perform three-to-six months before your event include:

Establish Your Goals and Objectives

To establish your goals and objectives you need to think about things like what is the purpose of your event? How many participants do you want to attend your event or watch your live stream? How much profit would you like to make? What will be the price of your event tickets? What will be the location of your event?

Put Together a Rough Budget

Borrow comparative figures from past occasions for a baseline. Fill in the gaps with educated guesses

Select a Date

Select an optimal date and a second-best for alternate when getting sign-off

Choose a Location

The location or venue of your event is one of the main things that you have to consider so make sure to put it in your checklist and think about things like What geographic region is best for your event? How many people will be participating in your event? Does the location have the infrastructure you need?

Choose a Theme

Review your objectives and group of spectators and select the desired theme for your event

Type of Event

Is it a conference? A meeting? A party? You possibly definitely know this, but it’s good to write it down and communicate it.


You have to clearly understand what expectations participants of the event. If you don’t address their needs, then the desired visitor action is less inclined to happen.

Get cost Estimates

Some costs you may need to consider are Room rental, Food and beverages, Equipment, Speaker expenses, Travel for staff, Insurance and so on.

Create an Event Budget

Given the expenses above, you’ll have the option to decide how much your event will cost — and if you’ll have to reduce any of them! So, make a budget for your event for better planning.

Recruit an Event Committee

This incorporates choosing an event manager or a chair and establishing sub-panel chairs.

Brand your Event. 

Start working out an event website or pages on your site that define the event. Build up an event logo and tagline for the promotion of your event.

Create and Launch a Publicity Plan

This incorporates ensuring staff and/or volunteers are recognized to manage particular tasks – e.g., media relations, VIP coordination, printed material structure and printing coordination, signage, online/social networking media, and so on.

Event Management Software

Decide whether you need event registration software to make the procedure simpler. There is a wide range of software tools that can help streamline the event procedure. 

Decide whether you need any other event management software for planning your event. 

Release Early-Bird Tickets.

Guarantee registration forms are open and allow space for favored pronouns and favored names.

This is a generic checklist incorporates all the things that every event should have, no matter what is the size of the event or what is type of event. For professional help, you can also hire any event planning company or any event planning app.

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