As expected, the arrival of virtual events has shaken the very core of the business. With all those social distancing protocols and countries closing down measures set up, conference managers and event planners have only one option to stay above the water and that is virtual events. In fact, this is a good thing, obviously, in such circumstances, people feel more need to be connected than ever.

To share their stories, to listen to others’ stories, in short, to set up meaningful relations with others, even if it is at a long distance. So, at this time, virtual events are seen as something that people want.

Fortunately, most event professionals seem to be handling the transition very well. In any case, there are still a couple of misconceptions about the difference between a virtual event production company and a virtual event platform. In simple words, they are not the same, and both are important to have a successful experience.

However, there is a lot more to it than simply that. To better understand the difference between the virtual event platform and virtual event production company, let us take an example of a chair.

Suppose your virtual event is like a chair

Let’s suppose that you bought a chair and you got it at a specific store that only sells its furniture in separate pieces. This implies you have to assemble it yourself.

To do this, you will need a few nails. There’s definitely no chance you can assemble your chair without them! Also, the equivalent goes for your virtual event platform – much like the nails, it is highly unlikely you can host a virtual event without one. 

Nonetheless, the nails are not enough – or if nothing else, insufficient if you want to have the option to sit on the chair and not fall on the floor! You’ll require a lot of other things in your toolbox– a mallet, a screwdriver, a saw, some varnish, and a brush to make it look sparkly and wonderful. Indeed, to the extent of producing your virtual event, this would be your virtual event production company. 

The role that a virtual event platform play

Clearly, a virtual event platform is a fundamental piece of the whole experience. Keep in mind, you still need the nails to produce the seat. This platform is the spot through which you, your speakers, your participants, the sponsors, and the entertainment will interface. Much like a live event needs a location where everybody meets up, a virtual event is definitely needing a stage where participants can gather. 

Much the same as venues – there are many platforms accessible in the market. Some are basic and direct and offer minimum features. Others are more complex and permit you to incorporate things like breakout rooms, surveying, and chat rooms, everything that you ought to consider so as to further engage your crowd. 

In any case, similarly, as nails are a crucial element for the structure of a chair, the venue or platform utilized is just a piece of the event experience, not the entire bundle. You still need other tools in your toolbox to assemble the chair, same goes for a live event like you need production, AV, event planning application and catering, etc. to host a live event. All things considered; it implies you also need to have a virtual event production company for a successful virtual event.

Virtual Event Production Company

Preferably, you’ll want to search for experts who’ve been in the business for years and know the intricate details of virtual events. There are many benefits that a virtual event production Company can provide you, for instance:

Helps you select the right platform

As we know there are a lot of platforms available at the market, in fact, they seem to be popping out of everywhere, which makes it hard to know which platform is the best for you. This is where a virtual event production company helps you, as it facilitates you by providing the best solution and a platform that best suits your needs. 

Help you to repurpose past costs

Thinking about the current situation, it is quite possible that your live event was dropped, and you’re presently trying to move towards virtual events. The issue here is, you most likely previously incurred expenses related to the in-person event you were hoping to plan.

Furthermore, you probably feel like you might say goodbye to that cash. All things considered, a virtual event production company will be pleased to sit down with you and find out about where you previously spent a piece of your budget.

Furthermore, they’ll be glad to see how you can repurpose some of it because there is clearly no compelling reason to rehash an already solved problem like scheduling platforms, applications, and event planning and management software. Rather, the group will take a look at how these things can be utilized in your virtual event, which implies you won’t need to part with the cash you previously put into the live event.

Provide you the perfect anatomy for your event

All virtual events are not the same. Despite the fact that it is easy to believe these experiences will definitely look like the exhausting old webinar, having a virtual event production company on board will enable you to make the experience special and as similar to a live event as possible. A virtual event production partner will know precisely how to make it happen, as long as you share your vision with them. 

Valuable back

When organizing a live event, would you take risk of organizing an event without surrounding yourself with specialists in their fields that guarantee a level of production greatness on all fronts? No, obviously not! The same is true for virtual events.

The paradigm may have changed for us all, but you still need individuals who know how to design a site and are compatible with the live-streaming technology. Experts who know the most ideal approach to guarantee a sound, audio, and lighting quality.

Furthermore, above all, dedicated help with case something goes south, a lifesaver, and purpose of the contact that will stay by your – symbolic – side from beginning to end.

All in all, virtual event production company provides a holistic solution

You probably have realized, reading up to this that what is the difference between both and how they play their role in the virtual event. The event platform act as an integral part of the virtual event whereas the virtual event production company is a complete toolbox.

Toward the end of the day, the individuals you hire and surround yourself with will be worried about picking all the right bits and pieces to assemble your virtual event, in this way making a custom-made and tailored solution that addresses your issues, your objectives, and perfectly lines up with your vision.

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