Being lost at a conference or event implies they’ll pass up things they wanted to see. They may get exhausted quickly because they continue strolling past the same exhibits. If you want your participants to enjoy and have a good time, you have to give them direction in the forms of maps or event planning apps. Here are a couple of tips on how you can improve your event navigation to provide your attendees with the best experience.

Pare Down Info to Only the Essentials

Regardless of whether it’s printed guidance from the airport to the event venue or on-location signage, figure out what data is essential to participants for event navigation—and restrict your communications to that content.

Long or confusing directions can overwhelm participants. It also helps to break data down into absorbable pieces, and post each piece where it will be experienced by participants at the specific time and place, they will require it. 

For instance, guide participants from the entrance to the show lobby through a series of signs posted at each turn. Use simple to-understand textual styles and bright colors to keep signage clear from a distance.

Limit the Layers of Navigation

Mobile users aren’t known for their tolerance so you have to restrict the number of clicks before they get to their required destination. 

This issue is intensified when guests are using 3G, as though they have a slow internet connection then each layer includes valuable seconds onto the navigation time and makes it immensely improbable that they’ll stay to finish their task. 

Build a Map in your Event Mobile App

With most participants attached to their cell phones, there’s no better method to improve navigation than with a guide in your event planning app. 

Besides using GPS to assist participants with finding their location in a large venue, you can push real-time location or schedule change notifications out to participants as they happen.

Staff with Guides

Take event navigation a step forward by positioning live guides in heavily trafficked zones. Guides can assist participants in finding their way and answer questions. Clothe guides and directions in brightly-colored or effectively recognizable clothing to guarantee they stand out from your participants.

Invite Your Brand Ambassadors

Invite your best brand ambassadors to serve as guides or directions and be the human face of your occasion. Participants’ interactions with these people set the tone for the rest of their occasion experience.

Create Visual Beacons 

Mount your visual navigation guides and signage where individuals will be probably to see them—high overhead if they’re intended to be seen from a distance or at eye-level for visibility at a closer range. On digital billboards or posters, interest by mixing pictures, designs or videos with your data. Keep all visuals consistent in designs and style.

These are some of the tips that you can use to improve your event navigation for the best attendee’s experience. You can also use the navigation feature of any event management software available in the market.

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