Event organizing teams often experience occasional ups and downs through all the year. In any case, the current worldwide health crisis is hitting organizations particularly hard. 

Individuals are being forced to change their ways of life, adjust to working from home, and rethink their necessities. With all of this vulnerability and being a conference manager or event organizer, it’s imperative to speak with your clients and your team with sympathy and compassion. 

Your clients have a lot of inquiries at this moment. They’re thinking about how this crisis will influence their business. In the interim, your group is searching for direction on the most proficient method to manage and hold their leads and customers. 

In this article, we’re going to give you the best tips that will help you to keep your customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Communicate Proactively with your Clients

The circumstance is developing quickly, and nobody is very certain what news every day will bring. Clients can feel for merchants confronting this crisis, as long as you speak with them appropriately. Inform your clients as to whether you’re shutting your doors, changing your hours, and what steps you’re taking to keep your team and workplace safe and clean.

If your office is closing, advise your clients on your social networking channels, through email, and on your site. If your office is remaining open, describe the steps you’re taking to alleviate risk. Download our adaptable flyer that you can fill out and hang for clients to see.

Prioritize Client Problems and Determine Messaging

When you have the team set up, begin ordering the issues that are influencing your customers. Rank your customers from the most influenced by the pandemic to the least. Next, leverage the advertising communications tools you already have set up to send messages/emails to customers. Try not to market or sell. Messages ought to be focused on giving data and helping customers. Tell them you have their back. 

Bonus Tip: Create a designated email address so customers can get in touch with you with significant inquiries. Ensure somebody in your group is checking the emails and responding in a convenient way.

Make Customer Cancellations Smooth

A large number of your clients might be scrambling right now to drop their travel and event plans. Comprehend that they’re not doing this because of decision however due to legitimate need.

A few travel companies and event organizing companies have begun reallocating their whole staff to deal with cancellations. You also ought to go the extra mile in guaranteeing that their cancellations are smooth. Bonus trust-points will be earned if you defer any punishments for cancellations. If you have any event organizing app, you can also guide your clients about your cancellation procedure through that app.

Update Your Cold Outreach Policies

Normally, standard cold outreach won’t be fitting right now. At the time of writing, there’s a ton of uncertainty, and to connect with your standard messaging may come across as tone-deaf.

Study the market and stay attuned to social movements. Everybody is entering an unfamiliar territory so there will be an alteration period. Timing, as is always the situation with cold messages and calls, is essential.

When a feeling of normalcy starts to set in, it’s more appropriate to connect. Your emails ought to be adjusted in like manner, however. Recognize that this atmosphere might be the new normal for quite a while and guarantee your clients that you will put forth your best effort to adjust and keep offering a service. 

For instance, if you have an item or service that can help remote working teams boost their efficiency, now is an incredible chance to highlight that solution or the features that are particularly designed to understand this pain point. Think about offering a unique promotion on that product and remember those details for the effort. 

Promote Your Gift Cards

Gift cards offer you an immediate mixture of money and assurance that a client will come back to your business later on. In different industries, where edges are already notoriously thin, gift vouchers can assist you with staying above water until the crisis passes. 

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