Is becoming an event organizer or conference manager is your biggest dream? Would you like to be an event organizer (or possibly you want to begin your own event planning business), but you don’t know how to start? 

Fear of starting something new often holds you back from chasing your dreams. The same is the case with event organizers. Perhaps you feel you are not capable or like you will look silly if it doesn’t go as planned or work? Staying in fear will only increase your insecurities. You will be stuck with no motivation.

However, if you don’t make any move, you will never be able to start as an event planner or start your own event planning business. But the question is how to become an event planner. Here are a few key points that can help you in becoming a successful event planner.

Choose what kind of event organizer you would like to become

Event organizing, as we all know is a vast field and this infers that like every other diverse field, you need to pick a niche that best suits your personality and inclinations. 

A niche is basically an area of specialization that you might want to work in. For example, event organizing can be categorized into three general classes

  • Corporate event organizing
  • Non-profit event organizing
  • Social event organizing 

Every stream has its own benefits and disadvantages. You have to pick the one that you think will provide you the right kind of work-life balance alongside a reasonable amount of income. 

Understanding an event planner’s duties

As we all know, being an event organizer can include many duties at any one time. Anyhow, these duties can be partitioned into three distinct classes; duties before an occasion, duties during the occasion, and duties after an occasion.

Duties Before an Event

Before an event happens, an event organizer needs to coordinate with customers to understand the extension, dynamics, and related expenses of the event. This also incorporates when and where will the event be happening. 

The next significant thing is to contact vendors. The event organizer basically takes offers from different vendors who incorporate equipment suppliers, food providers, and so on. 

As an event organizer or conference manager, you will have to completely understand what the customer is trying to accomplish through the event. In view of this, you’ll have to contact relevant speakers who can present on this particular topic.

During the Event

The next line of duties happens during the event. A professional event organizer realizes that it is so essential to keep the visitors happy all through the event. Accordingly, you will have to ensure that all of their expectations are met and that everything is running easily smoothly. 

You should allot assignments to your group and guarantee that each individual from the team is performing productively. Additionally, you have to continue making notes regarding how the event is turning out to be. These will be valuable for compiling a report in the next stage.

After the Event

When the event is finished, the one significant thing that an event organizer must do is to generate a report of the whole event. This will incorporate things like, the expenses and revenues that were gathered, what number of individuals turned up, and so on. 

This is the point to make post-event reviews and connect with participants asking their suggestions about the event. All of this will assist you to improve your events in the future.

Build a Portfolio

All through your event organizing career, an attractive portfolio will help you a lot in getting bigger gigs and customers. 

Double-check to ensure you have kept notes from the challenging events that you got to organize. Likewise, classify your occasion plans according to the niche. For example, wedding events and corporate events must be kept separated.

Getting Certified

If you want to make everything perfect, it’s beneficial to become a certified event organizer. This won’t just increase your reliability yet will also assist you with attracting more trustworthy customers. 

Get Started as a Certified Event Organizer

When you have gotten certified and have accomplished membership in a trade association, you should begin taking on bigger event planning projects and maybe make your own business. 

So as to begin your own event organizing organization, you have to gather up a group and guarantee that you have strong contacts with various venders. Also, utilize the numerous online event planning and management software to take things to the next level.

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