Finding the best mobile event application for your meeting can be overwhelming. It is easy to get involved in the technical details and lose your focus on the main thing: providing a convenient way for your participants to access the information of corporate meeting management program while at your meeting. In light of that objective, we’ve assembled an outline to help your association learn the essential functionalities that are available in a mobile application and, in particular, the advantages that different event management apps feature offer your participants. 

The primary decision to make when picking your event management software or mobile event management app is choosing the correct type of application for your event. To help you to choose, consider the objectives for your association, conference, and participant and exhibitor experience.

Sustained Engagement Should be your Focus

For many in the industry, associating with the audience is something that happens just when an event is going to launch. However, as in many other areas, playing the long game reaps much more benefit. This is why sustained engagement has turned into the favored strategy for some top brands. The term alludes to keeping up all year communication with your group of spectators, building trust and loyalty along the way, just as enabling you to effectively get ideas and comments from your community.

Create Value for your Exhibitors and Sponsors

Exhibitors and patrons are a significant part of your event’s success, and a mobile application should build the value your meeting offers them. A live-action feed within the application gives you a chance to promote your event sponsors and exhibitors with sponsored posts, flag advertisements, document downloads, eCommerce links, and advanced sessions.

Ability to Pull data from 3rd Party Platforms

If your event is extremely complex and needs to process a big amount of data from outsider applications, for example, registration platforms, it will be time-taking to manually pull this information into the application. That is the reason the incorporation of APIs from 3rd party platforms can be an essential feature. 

Promote Networking through Gamification

Gamification is another approach to boost participant engagement and mobile application use. Features, for example, leaderboards transform engagement into a game by granting focuses to clients who conduct certain activities on your application, for example, posting a photograph on the social media timeline or taking part in a poll. You can control what number of points each activity earns, which means you can strategically boost certain parts of your mobile application. So, gamification is an important part of any app so take this into your consideration.

Provide a Mobile Guide for your Event 

Your event application is a mobile guide to your event, before, particularly during, and even after the event. Essential event information incorporates venue data, the overall agenda of the event, speaker profiles, a participant list, and so forth. Consider a thorough check-list with content and features required for an event application that can help you in selecting your desired event app.

Tradeshows and larger meetings or conferences will commonly add a floor plan to the application, ideally, one that can zoom and be navigated by clients. This implies it gives an outline of the venue layout, and the ability to find individual exhibitors, focal points (information booth, toilets, bar, workshop rooms) and meeting focus. An advanced application will also enable clients to get a route from point A to B. 

Get Real-Time Insight

One of the best things about mobile applications to consider is that they can follow how your participants use them, giving you insights that can help your association later on. Maybe you need to check whether individuals used the engagement features more than the content features. Investigation can help you to make informed decisions about what sort of application and what event application features you should concentrate on for future events.

So, whenever you are selecting an event management app for your big event, consider these basic features. These features will help you promote your event. You can also hire any Social media marketing Company in USA and all over the world for professional help.

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