A large number of our customer’s event objectives and goals, incorporate making a high-touch, customized participant experience. This is particularly valid for incentive trips, retreats, and customer or partner recognition events. 

A couple of examples of this is organized transportation, customized journeys, and room-drops. The combined experience can leave the participant feeling like the event was planned with them in mind. Which it was! 

We often observe this level of customization restricted to the physical event. This leaves numerous chances to extend the personalized participant experience. Using event technology, for example, an event planning and management software can make opportunities to make participants feel appreciated and special. This can be used throughout the whole event lifecycle.


Pre-event, personalization strategies can be deployed in a few different ways. 

Registration and Invitation Platform

One incredible technique is using an integrated event registration and inviting platform with customized abilities so as not to overwhelm participants with unrelated registration questions. For instance, in case you’re hosting an event for both first-time participants and experienced veterans, using branching questions collects just the most relevant data and keeps it custom-made to each group’s particular interests. 

Data assembled during registration can also be used to enable participants to build customized agendas. 

Or on the other hand, if your occasion is jam-packed with sessions, workshops, and breakouts, consider giving suggested sessions or networking activities. Using data like titles, jobs and interests gathered during registration, participants could get recommendations about sessions or networking events they may like.

During the event

There are many ways to create a personalized experience during your event.

Use Targeted Alerts to Communicate with a Specific Audience

This communication might be customized to a particular group of participants. In any case, there is a lot of chances to use alerts to make a customized participant experience.

Create an Interactive Space that Attendees can Influence

Incorporating components of interactive technology is an extraordinary method to drive participation. Even though getting involved can often be deterring in person, utilizing an online presence enables individuals to feel calmer. You’ll find them to share their personal views and even photographs.

Connect and Engage Through Attendee Engagement features:

Probably the most ideal approaches to encourage your participants is to use your event planning app engagement feature, for example, the Activity Feed and Group Discussions. 

For instance, if somebody posts a photograph of the event on the Activity Feed, have a devoted member of your team ready to like their post and post back a reaction. 

In Group Discussions, if somebody posts something, you should guarantee you are observing and responding. It goes beyond responding to questions. Your staff should be taking an interest in sharing and commenting. This will help drive additional engagement and inspire participants to contribute.

Photo Opportunities

If it is a solid match for the brand, set up a photograph corner with props so event-goers can relax and have a great fun time. Give them a decision from a couple of branded filters with the goal that they can customize their photographs further, while still promoting the brand.


When the event is finished, the customized experience doesn’t have to end. Organizers should keep on using the information gathered throughout the event experience to send targeted communications for next year’s event. 

For instance, request participants to rate whether the sessions meet their expectations and requirements. In addition to the fact that this provides relevant data about the session itself, yet it makes participants feel like their particular voice is being heard. 

When the objective is to furnish event participants with a designed-with-them-in-mind experience, event technologies like event planning apps help make the whole experience more rewarding and unforgettable for everybody.

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