Instagram is a phenomenal tool for getting the message out about your event. By incorporating the use of Instagram into your event managing, you will be able to create excitement before, during, and after your big event day. Here are a couple of tips that your conference manager can follow for taking advantage of this free platform to promote your event.

Step 1: Pre-Event Buzz

Let Your Followers Generate Buzz Before the event

The incredible thing about Instagram is the social experience of sharing your moments through visuals, however, not all of them have to come from you! Holding contents where your followers post photographs or recordings advertising your event is leading user-generated content for sharing and advertising your event to the Insta-world. 

contests are a simple method to score content for your Instagram and construct buzz surrounding your forthcoming event.

Instagramming Events are all About the Stories.

An astounding 500 million clients connect with Instagram Stories daily, and around 33% of the most seen Stories are made by organizations. That is the reason 96% of social media marketing companies in USA plan on using them as a component of their advertising mix over the next six months.


Make a #hashtag that is particular to your event, and another that is particular to the volunteers. Using these two hashtags before the event can do wonders in making buzz! Use them for each post related to the event so individuals can click it and see all the related posts. Any extra hashtags related to the photograph and event are also very useful in guaranteeing that your photograph is effectively discoverable.

Review Photo-Taking Tips

If you believe you don’t have the best photography skills, not to stress! Simply follow a couple of easy steps that can assist you in taking more attractive photographs and increases the odds of them being liked and shared.

Step 2: Event Day Posting

Utilize Stories

And, for somebody who couldn’t make it this year, it strengthens your brand though leadership, manufacture brand loyalty and, if the event is repeating, gives them more motivation to register for the following one. You can also utilize stories to share significant announcements like a room or time change or you can simply use any event management software and manage all these things effectively.

Go Behind The Scenes of Your Events

Your Instagram event advertising shouldn’t simply retell the story, it should add to the story. It is the key to making content that both participants and potential future participants can reverberate with. It’s additionally a region where you can truly use your Instagram Stories to your potential benefit.

Post Consistently

Try not to get spammy – you don’t have to post every five minutes – post at regular interims throughout the day, for instance, each couple of hours. Keep in mind, you can put a few photographs and recordings in a single post, so it is not difficult to sort your moments and share a lot without blowing up your followers’ Instagram feeds.

Use Speakers, Artists, or Influencers

Do you probably have some famous names on the bill for your event? So why not utilize their Instagram clout to reinforce your own. Enter, the Instagram #takeover.

An Instagram takeover is when you permit a visitor to take control of your Instagram profile for the day and post content that they make — relating to your event obviously.

Regardless of whether it is behind the scenes content plunging into how they prepare for the session or simply the sort of content that is made them a popular name, it’s the ideal method to give your crowd a new perspective (and add a few followers!).

Step 3: Post-Event Follow-Ups

Follow up Post

After the occasion is finished, remember to acknowledge it on your feed. While some smaller occasions may not require a whole post dedicated to them, for bigger occasions, for example, big networking events, meetings or co-branded events, it’s an incredible method to thank participants, strengthen key takeaways and link back to any follow-up content you make like a blog post or video recap. 

While it might appear like a lot to remember, by planning before time and utilizing your social media content schedule to your potential benefit you can make a significant Instagram event promotion strategy.

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