Welcome to the universe of virtual events meetings! While there have consistently been totally digital meetings, this year will stamp a shift the same number of associations are compelled to consider changing over their previously planned live events, meetings, and conferences to an advanced digital format. For both the conference manager/event organizer and participants, these will be new experiences with various difficulties. 

As events, meeting, and conferences scramble to digitize their offerings, logistics will probably take a front seat so as to ensure the event run smoothly and any technical difficulties with event registration and execution are addressed. This is not, in any case, a time to forget about availability and the conference, meeting, or event experience. Rather, take this chance to consider all of the members and the unique difficulties that many may face as they sign in and go to your virtual event.

Offer Live Support

Many issues of your target audience can be addressed by just offering them live support so that they don’t disturb the flow of your virtual conference or meeting by asking questions during meetings. Instead, offer them live support so that they can contact your support team in case of any query. The support teams can help participants in the following:

  • Directing the audience to the correct Zoom link.
  • Checking into each Zoom virtual room before the start of the session to make sure there are no technical issues.
  • Making sure live captioning was working properly for all virtual rooms.
  • Monitor and check any Code of Conduct violations.

The participants don’t know how to use the conferencing platform

This is the most common challenge that almost every conference manager or the event organizer has faced.

Most participants join meetings or conferences an hour before the actual event as per your instructions but those who join late may disturb the event or meeting by saying things like they can’t hear you or your video is not visible to them. These types of challenges can be addressed by offering them the following solutions:

  • Add a short invite and attach a pdf file to help them file out the details
  • Make onboarding as simple as possible and modify your agenda accordingly
  • Use a platform that is user friendly for your target audience
  • Make a quick visual guide for your audience
  • Create a short video of you explaining the steps in the simplest way
  • Make a guide for latecomers to avoid disturbance during your conference or meeting

This may appear disturbing but it is better to spend a few minutes at the start of the event or meeting to address your audience issues rather than being interrupted in the mid of the event.

Things fail

We all know things went wrong even in case of live events as well. Virtual Events and conferences are no exception. So, beware that things will fail and it will disturb your try to offer a great presentation but do not panic, keep calm and carry on. 

The best solution is always to be prepared with a plan B as it gives you time to resolve your primary issue without interruption the flow of your event. Plan B also facilitates you to navigate your event quickly and smoothly when you have any issues. 

Provide Live Captions

Providing live captions throughout your conference, meeting or events is very effective for the successful implementation of the event. Remote captioning also provides you instant and real-time transcripts that are accessible by all the participants during the conference or meeting. Many virtual event platforms offer the captioning option so that participants can turn it on or off as per their needs.

Audience members break the rules

 People are not very good at following the rules. This is not the case only with virtual events, the same happens in live events as well. To tackle this challenge, the following ways are effective:

It is better that you do not reward interrupting. If you keep addressing interrupters then you will face more such issues. But in case you do not answer a question that one of your participants randomly asks then it will discourage other interrupters.

Ask your members directly to stop interrupting if they keep interruption even if you have already addressed their issue/ambiguity.

It is also important that you do not lose your emotional control due to continuous interruption. So, take a deep breath and stay calm.These are a few ways that can help you to address the most common virtual event concerns of your audience.

You can also take the professional help of any event organizing company or take advantage of free event management software available online for smooth and effective execution of your virtual conference, meeting, or event.

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