The impacts of COVID-19 have made the people in the event industry think and discover new ways for events, conferences, and meetings. This is where technology comes and plays a vital role. As technology has provided people an alternative to hosting virtual events online.

The good news is, where virtual events are considered as a platform for a company’s image or business, it offers great growth in audience engagement and sales. Being part of the events industry, we understand the need to spread the words about virtual events and its benefits over in-person events.

It’s Less Expensive

Meeting/ event organizers and conference managers are always hoping to save some cash, with shrinking budgets. On account of virtual events, the general expense of putting on your event will be enormously reduced, 75% lesser expensive to be specific.

Organizers will save money on staff, locations, setup and takedown, accommodations for participants, lunch/dinner, travel costs, and much more. The main thing organizers need to stress over paying is the expenses of the virtual meeting platforms. To learn more about virtual platforms and tools, check this: Best tools for hosting a virtual event

Virtual events can increase the Audience Rate 

Finding a suitable date, location, and arrangements is crucial in event planning. You might be worried about whether the venue is suitable for your target audience, whether it has enough space to accommodate the number of participants needed, and what would be the dropout because of traffic or unexpected circumstances. 

Organizing a virtual event removes almost 50% of such concerns. Audiences can attend from the comfort of their homes or anyplace on the planet, as long as they have a laptop, PC, or any smart device and Internet. Since virtual is quite easy to join, the participation rate can go up to 10 multiple times higher than a physical event ever could.


As far as engagement is concerned, there are a lot of fun activities and effective tools available in the market to keep your crowd engaged throughout the event. These activities include polling, quizzes, live talk, and much more. For details, you can check: 5 tips to keep your online event attendees engaged. These are extraordinary approaches to gamify a virtual event experience.

It is also observed that 30% of individuals are more likely to talk to a person in a virtual event as compared to that of a live event. Perhaps that is on the grounds that individuals are scared to approach somebody at a live event in front of the whole crowd or they just appreciate being anonymous. In any case, virtual events offer them a platform where they can enjoy activities like polls, Q&A, live talk. Also, a few platforms come with the option of integration with gadgets.

Easier to Manage

Virtual events give you more command over the day of the occasion. There would be no pressure that comes with logistics, training your staff, managing equipment, or having physically available in numerous places at a time to meet partners and media visitors in-person. This implies you have time to focus on digital tools which are of greater importance to deliver a remarkable experience for your participants, for example, video conferencing. 

It’s Easy to Measure Results

Despite the fact that the data produced by virtual events changes relying upon the platform and event planning software, it is quite simpler to gather certain information on your event and participants during your virtual event as compared to that of an in-person event. This is because everything is done on the web, so it is easier to track it. For example, you can know when your participants signed on, from where, the number of individuals joining, the method of payment they are using, and much more.

Virtual Events Improve your Brand Strategy

If there is one thing individuals respect, it’s an association whose people have a spirit of strength and creativity. Being able to quickly adapt the change with such a great leap can help you improve the position of your brand among your target audience. 

Other than being a leading role model in your industry, virtual events assist you with improving your brand strategy by attracting people for a new and fresh experience like this. This is your opportunity to transform your participants into subscribers who will be your clients and the brand ambassadors eventually.

Virtual events can increase the speed of this whole process by virtue of each activity happening online. You can also run creative and fan brand activities before your virtual event to create a hype of your virtual event.

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