In this way, to make life simpler and easier here is the guide of how you can digitalize your events planning, targeting to spread the word about how to make corporate events more intuitive and fun using different present-day technologies like event management application and many other. These technologies might be utilized in open/external, a particular industry or your very own internal conferences, presentations with content, product launches, seminars, roundtables, group meetings, awards, etc. 

For a savvy-event planner, it might be yesterday’s news…but for somebody who “does” events on a side in their organization alongside many other occupations, it may prove to be very valuable! By the day’s end, the target utilizing these technologies is to improve your event better, more beneficial, more productive, and your crowd more involved and fulfilled – improving your event in general. Look at these and give them a go if you haven’t yet:

Review the Planning Protocols and Evaluate the Needs

It is significant to follow up on these tasks with the assistance of your organizing team or the individuals responsible for managing your occasions. Set a series of meetings with them and talk about the event organizing protocols. 

In this manner, focus on uncovering those steps that are generally challenging for the organizing team and handle the requirements they have in terms of automation. 

Note that they probably won’t know certain tasks can be digitized, which is the reason it is always better to invite somebody (an expert event organizer, for instance) who knows the latest trends, but also is sensitive to decreasing organizing stress through automation.

Social Media Integration

Because somebody is at a trade show doesn’t imply that they will quit checking their Facebook or posting on Twitter. 

To stay aware of your event-goers, post live tweets or go live on Facebook statuses that mention your brand on your display or other kinds of signage. These things should be carefully curated to just feature the best posts consistently. 

Be as active as possible, but also encourage your guests to post about you by giving a hashtag or making a challenge by offering a prize to the individual who makes the best social media networking post about your display.

Mine the Data

Event tech enables you to construct and observe this comprehensive set of event information, record what is successful, and then clearly illustrate the effect your advertising endeavors are having on your events. From pre-event campaigns, onsite tracking solutions, lead capture and post-event overviews, you’ll accumulate key experiences that will help empower you to make informed marketing decisions and set up for the production of growth-oriented marketing techniques helping you increment the value of your event.

Twitter Hashtags

An old practice in events, however, if you haven’t done it yet, then you must give it a try! On twitter, make a hashtag for your event, 5-10 letters in length which your participants will type in while referencing your event. check that it hasn’t been used recently, that it is quite easy to remember and that it doesn’t refer to something else. How it then functions, is that you have to promote it while marketing your event, so your speakers, sponsors, press, and participants can utilize it before, during and after the event. Then when you type it in on twitter at a later stage, it will give you all the outcomes/mentions for that occasion. Then integrate it on your site so when individuals visit your site, they can also observe what others have been tweeting about the event. It is also a decent method to make more interactions also with those unable to make it to the event however who may have important comments or questions. 

Automate for Excellence

Purchasing an event management system or event management software to automate and digitize the event planning protocols is far beyond just one more bill to pay. It is a very significant investment that will enable your event planning team to decrease the logistics expenditures, while simultaneously boosting your brand event’s effect on your crowds and expanding your professional excellence.

Event Apps

Event planning applications have become very popular these days. You can look for different participants, leave your business card, check the updated calendar, set up meetings, browse through sponsored products, and considerably more with event planning apps. Some 5-6 years back, there were just a couple of organizations that make these applications. But nowadays many organizations are developing such applications and they are easily accessible. So, don’t miss the chance to take advantage of these applications, have a ton of fun and good luck!

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