There is nothing more terrible than a boring and exhausting presentation. 

The best presentations are an ideal blend of well-designed slides alongside a confident presenter to tell the story.

When a touch of creativity is added to that mix, your presentation can be extraordinary. There is also a wide range of corporate event planning software that you can use to make your presentations compelling. There are unending subjects for presentation, then why can’t there be endless design ideas?

So as to help you rock your time in front of an audience (or on the web), we’ve assembled a list of creative presentation ideas and PowerPoint ideas to make your presentation exceptional and memorable.

Break The Ice

Each of your crowd members comes to your presentation in a totally different mood. A basic ice-breaker can put everybody on a similar level and energize them for your presentation. Get your crowd to do a basic exercise to reset their moods, minds and refocus on your discussion. For instance, ask the audience to stand up and introduce themselves with their neighbors, or have them identify a few questions they might want to hear addressed during your presentation. By beginning with an ice-breaker, you show your crowd that your discussion will be interactive and require their support and participation.

Host an Experts Panel

One interactive presentation idea that your audience will love is to have an expert panel during your presentation. An expert’s panel is like a Q&A session on your audience’s preferred topic. Rather than just directing all of the inquiries to one speaker, plan your presentation around a group of specialists that are well-prepared to respond to any question that may arise. 

Gamify the Presentation

Audience participation is important to keep participants engaged. Fortunately, with crowd interaction technology innovation like live polling, participation is in the palm of each participant’s hand. Speakers can utilize live polling to gather audience insights all through the presentation, preparing every topic with questions, following up with polling results, and afterward either testing or affirming those outcomes with the material that follows.

Use Props

You don’t have to be giving an item demo to use props during your presentation. Props are an extraordinary way how to assist the crowd with wiring in another sense to absorb your message. So, take props with you on the stage and show them during the correct point to enable the participants to imagine what you are describing verbally.

Follow-Up After the Presentation

Follow up is another approach to interact with your crowd. There’s no explanation that giving a presentation must be the last interaction you can have with the crowd. Imagine a scenario where your presentation could turn into the start of a dialogue among you and the audience members. 

Numerous freelancers and private companies use presentations and speaking engagements to tenderly promote their organizations. There are numerous extraordinary stories of using a presentation to gain new customers. 

The incorrect method to move toward presentation follow-up is as a heavy-handed sales pitch. Rather, educating the crowd and demonstrating your expertise will make them consider you the next time they have to hire someone.

Share the Glory

Try not to steal all the glory for yourself. Share the stage with different presenters or the participants to assist you with narrating the story and make the entire presentation more interesting. Bring somebody from the crowd on the stage and get them to do something relevant and fun. 

These are a few ideas to make your audience love your presentation. There are also many event organizer apps available on the web that you can download for free and ask your audience to download it too. Using such apps and free event management software you can make your presentation engaging and your audience will love it if they have your presentation details on their phones.

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