Hosting an event or a conference can be a valuable marketing strategy for any business. They take a lot of time and effort to be executed, yet hit the nail on the head and you could soon observe a solid return on your investment. 

The power of an event or a conference – particularly an exceptionally custom-made live one – lies in the opportunity it gives to get up close and personal with a targeted audience group. Regardless of all the advances that have been made in technology, there’s as yet nothing more compelling than that. As by the day’s end, people do business with people. 

For organizations of all industries and sectors, they offer an approach to grandstand your knowledge, position yourself as a specialist, and produce a source of positive content. Significantly, they can assist you with moving leads along the sales path and closer to making a buy. 

The general aim of any B2B advertising event should always be to give a decent impression of the business and what it might be like to work with you. Each component will say something about you, so you have to guarantee it runs without any hurdle and professionally from beginning to end. 

That implies from the minute you start publicizing it, to the event registration procedure, your communication, the content of the event or conference and how it is delivered, and how you then proceed to deal with all contacts afterward. 

This is the time where a specialist software comes in. It can help you with the association and running of an occasion. There is a lot of event planning and management software available in the market. One of those software is Zongo. But the question is why Zongo? 


Zongo is a new and advanced Event planning application that reforms the visitor event experience by focusing on convenience, digitalizing event planning in such an effective manner, that it lets visitors check-in by means of QR codes upon the arrival of the event.

Which would then notify the planners, send significant declarations via pop-up messages, and welcome visitors through the application easily, so coordinators can concentrate on the more significant perspectives while it examines the analytics and presents it to you, post-event.

With everything taken into account, it saves you cash, time, and effort at the same time with quick management.

Zongo offers a variety of services like event management to help you in the success of your event. Additionally, it also offers the services as per your need so you have a customized project.

It goes with you from the association of your internal courses and seminars to the organization of worldwide occasions. 

With event planning applications like Zongo, you will have complete control in every step of the management of your events. There are a lot of features in Zongo that help you to make your event production and as per your needs.


It helps you to remember all the activities that you want to perform in your event by listing them in its schedule.


It allows you to add a picture at the top of the event page that gives it a good look.

Share Material

It comes with the ability to share material with your visitor before the event. It saves you cash by sparing your printing cost of agenda and other stuff.

Invitation System

Companies can digitally send welcomes to particular visitors through the application. Visitors can see them through email and Zongo id too. It also helps to notify the audience during an event like the session has started again, break time, etc. 

Team Management

It helps you to manage different groups of events easily through the Zongo web portal and application.

Live Q/A

This app also comes with an in-built Q/A feature, where the audience can ask their queries from the organization team and speakers as well.

On Arrival, Quick Check-in

It facilitates users with a contact-free quick check-in option by scanning the QR code on the event site.

Share Updates Real-Time

It automatically updates your audience via pop-up messages about any change or anything new occurring within the occasion.

Manage Reach of Your Event

It also helps in marketing your event by sending individuals email and tell them about your occasion.


All post-occasion analytics will be gathered and introduced to the event planners for their remarketing reason.

These are some features that Zongo provides to help you with your event management. To take full advantage of Zongo, download the app or contact our event organizer team.

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