Human nature has always been intended to adjust to changing events in nature and the surroundings. The development in technology has permitted mankind to adjust more rapidly than any other time in recent memory. With the current on-going coronavirus pandemic, a large number of the meetings and occasions which have been planned for the coming months, have all come to a stop.

In any case, some people have been quick to adjust and use the technology of live streaming to have virtual occasions and conferences using different event management applications. This gives rise to a question: what are the benefits and drawbacks of virtual events. 

In this post, the pros and cons of virtual events and conferences are discussed to help people better understand virtual events.

Pros of Virtual Events

Save Money

The greatest and most obvious advantage to call attention to is the cost savings of attending or hosting a virtual occasion rather than a physical event. Consider all the expenses related to public exhibitions or offline conferences.

You need to rent a space for a meeting or pay an expense to set up a booth at the exhibition hall. Your organization also needs to front the cash for hotel costs, transportation, and other business-related costs for all workers who are making a trip to attend the conference or event. And afterward, there are the extra expenses related to setting up your booth.

Now envision having the option to remove all of those expenses. Rather, the main expense is the cash you need to front for the virtual occasion, which is definitely going to way lesser than that of physical events.

Less Time Wasted

When you travel to attend an office event or conference, that is an important time your workers are investing in traveling just to attend an event. You need to pay your representatives for their time during work hours, and you are wasting their valuable time as well as your money. That is all time your representatives could be utilizing to accomplish something different. Traveling is obviously inconvenient. If you can perform all your business tasks from your office (as you can in the case of a virtual event or conference), your employees are free to focus their time on different tasks. 

Easy Note Taking

When you go to an offline event or conference, you need to think of an approach to record information, which generally ends you up to taking notes on your tablet. You don’t need to carry around these provisions or put in this effort with virtual occasions, however.

All discussions, regardless of whether text-or voice-based, can be recorded and stored inconclusively for all members to access at any time later on. Many event planning and management applications come with the built-in option of recording and saving all the information.

Fast Planning and Set-up

Planning participation at an offline public exhibition can be a complex and challenging prospect and may take a lot of time, money, and effort. Simply setting up and bringing down a stall can be full-time work in itself.

With a virtual occasion, you can get everything set ready for action in a half-hour if you are attending and if you are hosting, you will overall save considerably more time. Sending out invitations is as simple as providing your participants with a link, and you don’t need to set up accommodations or make complex plans.

Cons of Virtual Events

No face-face networking 

Networking is one of the key parts of meetings, however, virtual events or conferences represent an enormous limitation, as participants don’t really get a chance to have one on one conversations with each another.


Attending events and conferences from the solaces of one’s home can also uncover him/her to a lot of interruptions, regardless of whether it’s the web, pets, and so on.

Ineffective sponsorships

Brands neglect to make actual connections with their targeted group through sponsorships, as there is no close and face to face interaction with the participants to leave an effect on them. 

Less Excitement

Compared to the loftiness which is guaranteed on live occasions, a virtual occasion is simply one more browser opened in your laptop or desktop. Numerous individuals today are talented at performing various tasks, so while simultaneously participating in the event, they are also shopping on the web. 

These are a few pros and cons of virtual events. Despite these cons of virtual events, it is the best solution in this pandemic. As it allows you to host events even during this pandemic while taking care of travel and social distancing restrictions. All you have to do is to search and find a corporate event planning software for your virtual event that suits best to you as per your requirements.

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