Organizers, conference managers, and venues are no aliens to technology. Event professionals are welcoming innovative event management tools, and with good reason. Studies show that using event technology can build participation by 20%, increase efficiency by 27%, and decrease costs by as much as 30%. 

In the meantime, new occasion innovations are showing up for all aspects of an occasion, from planning to registration. 

With so much event technology out there, it’s difficult to tell what’s generally significant, what will stay, and what is coming next. Technology has changed a lot in our event industry, some of the main changes are discussed here.

Tickets Go Mobile

Mobile is surprising in each industry, and the event industry is no exemption. The principal wave of mobile advancement has come with ticket purchasing systems. 

Ticketing is increasingly about building up a higher touchpoint with your fans – it is tied in with being made accessible to everybody, everywhere. Mobile ticketing also enables vendors to do much more. Customers can get to and manage the ticketing back-end in a lot simpler fashion than the older terminal-based systems – presently anybody with a cell phone can turn into a ticketing point-of-sale.” 

Purchasers want to have completely integrated mobile experiences during events, also – research shows that usage rates for mobile applications at certain events can be as high as 94 percent. Thus, venues, promoters, and organizers need to band together with suppliers who can take their experiences mobile. Fortunately, client adoption is usually quick: Research from Guidebook found that 88 percent of event experts agreed to the use of event planning apps improved participant engagement.

Influencer Marketing Technology

Influencer marketing is surrounding us. One of the most favored marketing strategies for 2018 and definitely one that needs the most help from technology. The present trend is equipped towards two sorts of platforms: Those that help to arrange, analyze and source influencers in particular industries, so you can send them for your event marketing purposes, and those that help in making resources to use with your current influencer network.

Leveraging Fan Data Using Big Data

Nowadays, conference managers, event organizers and advertisers are keen on knowing the intricate details of the participants showing up to their live events. In this social age, advertisers understand that not much is private any longer, and now innovation is making it incredibly simple for organizers to accumulate information on their fans to deepen their experience – this can be done by utilizing huge information. 

Projection-Mapping is an emerging event technology trend.

Never heard about projection mapping? It’s an augmented reality experience made by projectors. 

Projectors commonly cast their pictures on flat screens. In any case, with projection mapping, they can illuminate any surface and transform everyday structures into 3D interactive showcases.

Event Feedback via AI Chatbots

The market for chatbots is quickly developing. Chatbots offer an intriguing feedback channel for events. They are continuous feedback channels, collecting interactions at any phase of the event. They offer a safe environment for participants to let go and truly state what they think. It is a lot simpler, to be honest in a chat window than in front of a genuine individual. AI-powered chatbots offer a casual way to accumulate data compared to multiple-choice questions.

By the day’s end, artists, conference managers, and event organizers are keen on making the best experiences for fans, and by harnessing the power of technology, they can do so. 

Regardless of whether the industry is looking into large information, mobile, ticketing aggregators, etc., numerous innovations are taking the industry and developing the event industry landscape. 

New technologies at their center, are introducing simple and easy solutions with issues that venues and coordinators may confront while creating unimagined stress-free experiences for fans that seepage fun and excitement.

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