A lot is written, composed and seen about the characteristics of Event Managers, conference managers and what it takes to be an incredible Event Planner. On the flip side, however, a portion of these regular qualities has been shared and the demanding profession way can really be a bad dream for everyone around you, at home, work and play. 

In this article, the harsh realities of being an Event planner are discussed. This is fundamental reading for anybody planning to be an Event Manager or beginning in the business and should hit a line with all Event Planners. So that they know both the good and hard sides of this profession.

Traveling Isn’t That Great

Numerous individuals may state that their dream occupation would be one that permits them to travel to the far corners of the planet for nothing, going to energizing and marvelous events on each continent. Shockingly enough, numerous individuals believe that this is the life of an event organizer. In any case, this is extremely false. 

While some event is required, but it is just a little segment of an event organizer’s job. 

As a rule, an occasion organizer is limited to a ballroom or event space dealing with an event. They at that point go to the event as an individual in the background, dealing with the whole event to guarantee that everything runs easily and smoothly.

Demanding Clients

Event planners live and die with client support. But at times, event coordinators want to surrender in light of their demanding clients and customers. They every now and then go out of reasons for their demands. Regardless of whether it is impossible, there are times our options are limited, and the main strategy is to deliver their requests and demands.

Demanding customers make even basic event distressing. However, this is the existence of an event planner, event planners are in the service business. It is the customers’ right to be demanding.

It is the duty of an event planner to deliver. So, the endless loop continues, in spite of the fact that if the customers fulfill, they also go to the extreme of demonstrating how thankful they are for your expertise as an event coordinator.

Struggling to Enjoy Events as an Attendee

When you’re an event organizer, it is extremely hard for you to enjoy any event as a participant. Rather, you will be examining that wedding, performance, or meeting through an expert lens, pondering about choices made by the organizer. You may even experience sympathy stress for the team! 

Here are the means by which to give up such thoughts and enjoy occasions as a participant: 

  • Practice mindfulness, concentrating on the experience itself 
  • Take notes of things that you loved for motivation 
  • Recall why you purchased tickets in the first place

Event Planners are on call 24/7

Event organizers are never truly completed the process of working. During an event, organizers will quite often be available on call 24/7, as there is constantly an occasion going on and there will consistently be issues for them to investigate and solve.

They also know that working weekends, vacations and holidays is a standard occurrence, so it is always better to take a break and say goodbye to 9-5 routine for some time. Most customers respect evening time hours, however, others do not. Event organizers may get calls in the mid-night from customers needing more data or help with their occasion. 

Thoroughly consider farming an occasion to a freelancer or another employee is simple? Reconsider. Organizers that subcontract events regularly find themselves dropping their own plans to help at an occasion when an issue emerges. Organizers can’t anticipate each issue that could happen and should be accessible to settle them when they come up.

Sleepless Nights

As the day of the event comes closer and closer, you will discover that there is still plenty of things to be finished. You start to think about what befell the plans and timelines that you made to guarantee a smooth execution of the occasion? 

Without a prepared answer, you are surrendered to your destiny to have restless nights. Restless and sleepless nights have terrible outcomes with your wellbeing and decision making come real event. 

However, for the vast majority of the event organizers or conference managers, it is the place where the imaginative juice is coming out. The battle between being drowsy and alert is on.

More often you will win but in certain examples, you will lose with grave impacts.These are a few harsh realities that you face as an event planner and if you are planning to be an event planner then prepare yourself for these.

There are some other options and things like corporate event planning software that facilitates you to compensate for these things. Make sure you make the best use of technologies available to you for running your event smoothly.

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