91% of unhappy clients will never purchase from you again. The main objective of any business should consequently be to make happy clients. Organizations that do, develop, and flourish; those that don’t, deteriorate and die. 

However, the main objective, it’s inadequately presented in organizations’ metrics to track. This is incomplete because estimating a client’s loyalty isn’t as direct as, for example, estimating revenue streams or website guests, making it difficult to set up clear objectives. 

There are some extraordinary strategies and metrics out there intended precisely for this reason. Let us learn some tips that you can apply in your business today.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a famous client satisfaction survey that is used to collect quantitative and qualitative data of the client. All you have to do is to adopt some type of client feedback software.

Live Chat Transcripts

Communication is one of the best ways to measure the satisfaction of guests. And managing communication in difficult times is another task. Live chat transcripts offer similar advantages to reviews or Net Promoter Scores.

However, rather than asking clients to take part, all you have to do is analyze old chats recorded by the live chat option of your event management software. Generally, clients offer a lot of direct and indirect feedback within these live chats. And this data is very valuable for measuring client satisfaction. 

Furthermore, that is not only feedback for your product/service, either. If you encourage reps to request feedback directly within the chat, you can see whether clients are enjoying other aspects of your business also. For instance, your site, customer support services, and sales team.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media has immensely affected the relationship between business and client. Where previously, a good or bad service experience would possibly be shared with the nearest family and friends. Social networks offered a source and reach to potentially a large number of individuals. 

Mention gives you real-time updates on brand mentions. Thus, it’s the ideal place to hear what your clients are truly thinking about you. If you have selected the right tools to track this, that is. 

Facebook and Twitter are obviously relevant platforms to track. There are also some other forums like Quora, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and many more that help to track the satisfaction of guests. 

Some helpful tools are as follow:

Google Alerts 

This Google service informs you when your brand shows up in a prominent position on SERPs.


A ground-breaking freemium device that gives you a heads-up whenever your brand is mentioned somewhere on the web. It’s particularly helpful for tracking social networks, for which Google Alerts isn’t appropriate. 


A free device that analyzes social mentions of your brand on the internet. Among others, it shows the likeliness of your brand being talked about on the internet, the proportion of positive to negative notices. It also shows the probability of individuals mentioning your brand consistently and the range of influence.

Short Message Service (SMS)

SMS, or messaging, is another effective choice for getting feedback. It’s generally cheap to send messages in a large quantity. It also permits you to put a survey in the palm of your clients’ hands.

Furthermore, in case you’re searching for a free alternative, you can utilize a famous messaging application like Facebook or WhatsApp. In fact, you can also use your event planning app for getting feedback.

Marketing Emails

Email is a brilliant channel for engagement and getting feedback. The subscribers of your newsletter have shown a clear interest in your brand and you can easily add a connection to one of your surveys in a weekly pamphlet. Or on the other hand, you can implant the survey directly into the email.

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