Nothing like in-person meetings, events, and conferences, virtual events give participants more chances to zone out as participants are already on their desktop/ laptop and interruption is just a click away. When attention comes at a premium, how would you keep participants engaged during virtual meetings and occasions?

With the help of many event technologies like event management software or application and a little creativity, you can make virtual events that are more than participants watching a screen. In this article, we will be talking about the tips that can help you keep your audience engaged by adding some fun to your virtual events.

Have Exciting Content

Since virtual participants get distracted very easily, using old and conventional PowerPoint slides will exhaust your crowd. While you can still utilize the slides, they must be energetic and exciting.

You can transform the PowerPoint presentation into infographics and add sound or video. Not like in a live occasion, you can’t check you’re the response to your crowd in an online meeting.

However, you can split the event/conference into short breaks. Separating the content gives your virtual crowd time to take notes or participate in surveys and ask questions.

Compelling Content

When you go for a virtual event, there is more pressure on you to have content that can keep participates engaged. Convincing participants to join your event requires offering content that attracts their interest more than whatever film was just released. For further detail check this: Common Presentation Mistakes to Avoid- Event Presentation

Run Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions

Following your event, start an Ask me Anything (AMA) string where your staff and presenters are available to your audience to address inquiries on an ongoing basis. Ask a couple from other topic experts (even specialists among your staff or client base) to help your presenters or speakers to handle questions and keep the discussion flowing.

Push Notifications

Typically, a pop-up message will tell a participant to make their way to the right room or get a surprise snack in the main hall. You can make pop-up messages that are fun and engaging for virtual occasions, as well. Use pop-up messages to tell participants there are five minutes until the beginning of the keynote so get some espresso and settle in.

Use pop-up messages to share interesting facts, and cause participants to feel like they are part of something big. There is many event planning and management software that allows you to send push notifications to your audience to have their full attention.

Gamify the Experience

If you aim to add a little fun to the day and further promote engagement, take the chance to award people a virtual identification or some kind of badge in the network for attending your meeting/conference. Another idea is to tell your crowd that you will be awarding prizes randomly, like gift vouchers, a coupon code for a free course, or Premium membership of LinkedIn to take part in threads throughout the day.

Live Q&A

Let participants ask their inquiries and give answers during the sessions. In case you’re offering great content, participants will have questions and need answers from a specialist. Incorporate Q&A time simply like you would do at a live conference or event.

Use interactive features

Breaking the ice with an online crowd can be hard. Luckily, you can make use of interactive features like surveys, Q&A meetings, and live chats. The chatting session will help you to break the barriers and encourage the crowd to take apart more in virtual events.

A presenter can manage the discussions while the speaker is making a presentation. Responding to the participants’ inquiries starts a discussion, and you will know whether the crowd was attentive or not.

You may need to use some supplementary technology like event management applications to promote communication and interaction. Your event platform can also have features for polls or surveys, where you can ask interesting questions to start a response. 

Add fun features to live-streaming

Meetings or conferences are energizing due to the opportunity to interact during breaks. In a digital medium, it tends to be challenging, however, you can utilize live streaming to your potential benefit.

You can install a booth to interview the speaker or specialists. Asking fun questions and including the audience in the conversations will cheer up everyone.

After the virtual event, you can keep promoting by rebroadcasting the meeting or highlighting essential sessions. You can also offer on-demand sessions with the goal that the excitement of people doesn’t fizzle

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