A basic component of any event plan should be the success measurement of the event. As the well-known axiom goes: You improve what you measure. 

However, choosing what to measure and what achievement looks like for your occasion is more nuanced than many figures it out. Obviously, event ROI can be estimated by the measure of tickets sold, event registrations, leads generated, or revenue produced.

However, there are other immaterial, yet equally significant, components that can be utilized to measure the success of the event.

Monitor Social Media Activity

It is given that you should be active on social media networks in the days paving the way to the event. This will get participants energized and discussing it on their own social network channels. You have to keep on closely monitor social networking activity after the occasion and observe the following:

  • Do participants continue to posts utilizing the event hashtag? 
  • Are your followers more active than expected on your organization channel? 
  • Additionally, read their posts to know what participants are really saying.
  • Are the posts loaded with praise? 
  • Were there more than a couple of regular complaints?

Moreover, you can also catch up with extraordinary incentives as a thank you for the individuals who joined in. The quantity of visitors that take advantage of the offer is another method of measuring how well the event went.

Easy Tracking with Event App

Event technology has developed its foundations profoundly into a wide range of events internationally. The event planning app is one of the most utilized event tech features by the planners. It improves the participant experience as well as furnishes the event planner with application analytics that assist them with estimating the success rate of the event.

Event App Analytics can give you the specific quantities of downloads of the application, active clients of the application, engagement measure, etc. Along these lines, the organizers can also make a leaderboard of the most active clients!

Attendee Satisfaction Surveys

The most immediate approach you will know whether participants enjoyed the occasion is by asking them. Survey responses are useful in understanding participant satisfaction and guaranteeing that future events exceed their desires.

Be explicit with your questions and whenever the situation allows, offer numeric response alternatives. You will have the option to draw deeper insights on whether your information is clear and quantifiable.

New Opportunities Created

New leads and opportunities are the pot of gold for most conference managers or event organizers. Regardless of whether these people are beginning a period of late-stage prospects, they carry some amount of value to them. 

  • The easiest and simplest approach to calculate these is by taking a look at your current funnel math. 
  • What amount does it cost marketing now to produce one lead? 
  • What level of the time does that lead to convert into a proposal or agreement? 
  • What amount is a normal agreement worth? 

By utilizing these as benchmarks and applying them to your event drives, you can ideally put a truly sizable value to your most recent relationships.

Sales Numbers

Monitor your quantity of sales in the weeks following an event. Is there an uptick in the figures? Likewise, monitor who is making the buys. Is it accurate to say that they are generally repeated clients, first-time clients that have gone to the event, or past clients that returned after an absence? 

Don’t simply take a look at the number of sales. You can also quantify the number of sign-ups for a trial service or sign-ups for your bulletins. In addition, also check the quantity of email or call enquiries. 

In conclusion, do you already have the next event arranged and announced after the first occasion? If you do, are individuals already saving their tickets or possibly showing an interest?


A KPI should be taken in the count for analysis of the achieved income objectives and the predefined revenue objectives by the event coordinators. Event Success is absolutely quantifiable if the event coordinator’s target objectives for the income have been accomplished.

Live Polling Response Rate

With the correct event planning application or virtual event tips or solutions, you can have participants vote in live polls during an event session. This response rate will demonstrate the participants’ engagement levels and help event planners comprehend which event was the best and most successful.

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