Conference Management Software

Zongo was created to help you organize your events like

Conference Manager

. It is Modular, easy to use, complete and intuitive, it will convince you that you are a communication agency, an event agency or any other event organizer. It provides a safe and efficient method for planning, conducting, and archiving all types of conferences. Zongo was designed to promote accountability, optimize meeting-related procedures, and align management goals.

It works entirely on our servers Participants and conference site administrators only need a Mobile App and an internet connection to use the Conference Management software. Suitable for large conferences and and other events. Our app allows you to manage thousands of abstracts and inscriptions. You can collect data and documents from participants (NIC etc). You can send invitation by using the Dashboard of application to the participants.

You can create and update an interactive calendar by clicking a button. This allows users to navigate the program, search, and save presentations.

You can set permissions on various functions. These permissions may depend on the role of the person on the site or be controlled by dates.

All collected data can be exported to Excel and other formats. The data to export can be filtered by using app.

You can send emails to subgroups of participants. You can also send emails automatically, in response to certain events (ex after registration). Emails can be personalized .



Create your event and make it premium.


Update Event Details

Your Event Details are going to attract your guests, update it carefully.


Invitations and Registrations

Invite people, accept registration requests and start communication.


Event Day

Event day check-ins are made very fast and interact with them Live.


Post Event

Get your event analytics and Use your guest data for re marketing your future events.