Meeting planning app

Meetings are useful, even essential, within the company. They build team spirit, collaboration, and bring out new ideas while solving important problems.We take care of the planning, the execution and the follow-up of the tasks and you, the control of your meetings.

Zongo is a professional Meeting Planning app hosted in server that minimizes the time spent on each meeting while maximizing their productivity. Zongo is a safe and effective tool for planning, executing and archiving your meetings. It has been designed to promote accountability, streamline meeting management procedures, and align the company's strategic goals.

Zongo Executive Dashboards not only allow you to measure related costs and evaluate feedback from attendees, but they give you all kinds of new insights into the status of ongoing tasks, attendance rate at meetings and the participants' perception of the usefulness of the meetings in which they take part.

It not only provide task management and report consolidation, as well as detailed analytical tables of meeting data, Zongo is a must the most effective meeting management tool. Plan your meeting schedule without hassle Forget the round trips of emails to validate a meeting time and date, all this is done directly in your corporate calendar. You will even be notified of your upcoming meetings and tasks.



Create your event and make it premium.


Update Event Details

Your Event Details are going to attract your guests, update it carefully.


Invitations and Registrations

Invite people, accept registration requests and start communication.


Event Day

Event day check-ins are made very fast and interact with them Live.


Post Event

Get your event analytics and Use your guest data for re marketing your future events.